Empathy & Bias (overview)

Weeks 3-4 (Sep 24th – Oct 7).

Digital citizenship promotes global understanding when our digital presence allows us to share virtual space with others, regardless of geography. And it is tempting, but dangerous, to imagine this virtual space as “one.” But we are not all equal in that space. Some of us are louder, more visible, and some of us more vulnerable.
What would it mean to develop critical digital citizenship on the premises of empathy and social justice? How can we build critical trust in our community exchanges in order to help us confront our own bias and blindspots?

Featured activities:

Read & annotate: Lina Mounzer’s War in Translation (hypothes.is annotation link)

Watch & reflect: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie on The danger of a single story (video)

Watch & reflect: Binna Kandola on Diffusing bias (video)

Play game & reflect: Syrian Journey

Play game & reflect: Spent

Studio visit:

Online studio visit and discussion with invited guests (TBD)

Optional resources & activities:

Activity: Try the IAT (Implicit Association Test) for two different topics and blog your reflections (mentioned by Binna Kandola)

Short video: How to tell someone they sound racist (ice breaker for class) by Jay Smooth

Article: Tema Okun White Supremacy Culture linked from here

⇒ for dates on when we will be engaging in each of these activities, please see next post.


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One thought on “Empathy & Bias (overview)

  1. Think this is where to start. Where my interests tell me to be. I’m Scott, retired from the very last job of my life at a Community College here in NE Alberta Canada. Not really a technical person preferring human contact over fiddling with presentation stuff. Was hoping to start last week but cognitively / physically couldn’t and it’s just as well to limit myself.
    My current situation involves learning to live with a heart pace making device that was incompletely installed and has a 4 beat delay prior to pulling me back from disaster which I seem to only sense after the incident. That said, and though a bit scattered, being alive is where I’m focused with a sub-specialty in mentoring and support.
    Looking forward to empathy and bias.

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