A Technoethics Primer (with some focus on education)

There are so many questions that arise when technology and ethics collide. For a rich discussion on this topic or a “Tec

Ethical Balancing Act Workshop by Anne-Marie Scott

Equity Unbound is proud to announce an upcoming workshop entitled: Ethical Balancing Act by Anne-Marie Scott (@ammienoot)

Algorithms & Bias #unboundeq

Join Equity Unbound (@unboundeq) for an open Twitter chat on algorithms, bias, and the work of Ruha Benjamin! This internation

Equity Unbound Twitter Scavenger Hunt!

Join us for Equity Unbound Twitter Scavenger Hunt Sept 2020 An Equity Unbound Twitter Scavenger Hunt consists of a series of &

Stories about the Future: Join the Podcast collection!

Stories We’ve Been Told & Our Visions of the Future This September-October 2020, the Equity Unbound community welcom

Linguistic Landscapes

For the month of October 2020, Equity Unbound invites you to consider the linguistic landscapes of your immediate surroundings

Inclusive Citation, Inclusive Academy? Webinar Announcement June 30 #ShutDownAcademia

This post is authored by (alphabetical order of last name): Maha Bali, José Cossa, Kim Fox, Doris Jones, Jasmine Roberts &

Studio Visit: Wellbeing During COVID-19

Join us Wednesday April 22, 2020 (Thursday morning Australia) at 8:00 PM UTC (see timezone converter below): Time converter at

Othering & Belonging annotation via @Hypothes_is

Starting now, and until March 4th, we invite everyone to join us in annotating The Problem of Othering: Towards Inclusiveness

Live conversation with special guest sava saheli singh on Screening Surveillance

We’re excited to announce a live conversation with sava saheli singh on her futuristic short films, Screening Surveillan