We’re In This Room Together

At our recent Western Massachusetts Writing Project conference, the keynote speaker was educator Kelly Norris, whose new book

iv. grammar matters (?)

Call me crazy, but I love grammar. In every form. Each of the 5 ways Patrick Hartwell describes in his essay “Grammar, G

Summary of Empathy & Bias

Many thanks to all in the growing Equity Unbound network for insight into Empathy & Bias.  We are delighted to now have

Looking ahead to Weeks 5+6: Exploring Equity

As described in our kick-off blog post, Equity Unbound is an equity-focused open, connected intercultural experience initiated

iii. on multilingualism & writing

On the topic of multilingualism, I envy Europe. As far as I’m aware (which is not particularly, to be frank), Europe-bas

At WMWP: Instruments in a Common Band

The small group planning the two main conferences for our Western Massachusetts Writing Project this year have decided to have

How Can We Tell If We Are Biased, If We Already Are Biased?

I believe we all come to any table with a boatload of bias, and anyone who tells you different is either being dishonest or ha

A Found Poem from a Shared Text, Composed in the Margins

As part of my annotation of War in Translation for Equity Unbound, I found a sentence/passage that lent itself to a poem, so I

Studio Visit #1: Empathy & Bias

Friday, Oct 5th at 1pm Universal Time (UTC) Time converter at worldtimebuddy.com Time converter at worldtimebuddy.com Watch be

What a Reader Brings To a Collective Story

There’s a moment of realization upon reading “War in Translation: Giving Voice to the Women of Syria” by Lin