xi. it’s the beginning of the end ig

Or like. The middle of the end. It’s not the end of the end yet, because I’m still stressed and staring at a laund

x. let’s chat about The Movement of Air, the Breath of Meaning: Aurality and Multimodal Composing

If that’s not the deepest-sounding title for an academic article, I dunno what is. I mean, “Breath of Meaning&rdqu

Ralph Broke the Internet; You Should, Too

I took my youngest son to see the movie Ralph Breaks the Internet yesterday and it was enjoyable entertainment with an Interne

ix. i rewrote this title 6 times and nothing worked so this is what you’re getting

(please have a fancy quote as compensation for the bad pun/joke that was the title) “Instead of teaching finished writin

Messing Around with Identity Graphs

For the E-Lit 3.0 course, Stephen Downes has us pondering identity and graphs, with a focus on Identity Graphs. These are used

viii. tutoring esl/ell students

I’ve brought up tutoring in pretty much all my past blog posts, and golly gosh darn I’m ’bout to do it again

Engaging From the Margins: A Fake News Studio Visit

The folks at Equity Unbound explored the concept of Media Literacy and Fake News this week with a “studio visit” w

vii. this post is too vague!!! (whatever that means)

The topic of this week’s article, John C. Bean’s “Writing Comments on Students’ Papers,” I&rsquo

On Beyond Like (The Place Where Conversations Happen)

I was sifting through a magazine article about the ways that social media make it easy to interact with text and how this has

Even More Maps of the Internet (student view)

I continue to be intrigued by how my sixth grade students “Map the Internet” by artistically representing themsel