ix. i rewrote this title 6 times and nothing worked so this is what you’re getting

(please have a fancy quote as compensation for the bad pun/joke that was the title) “Instead of teaching finished writin

viii. tutoring esl/ell students

I’ve brought up tutoring in pretty much all my past blog posts, and golly gosh darn I’m ’bout to do it again

When the Class Clicks on Equity #unboundeq

I think that, more than anything, doing Equity Unbound while teaching my course this semester helped me stay “in the zon

vii. this post is too vague!!! (whatever that means)

The topic of this week’s article, John C. Bean’s “Writing Comments on Students’ Papers,” I&rsquo

Play Digital Student Games and Give Feedback Please #unboundeq

They are finally here!!! The digital narrative games my students created to build empathy. I am obviously more enthusiastic ab

Reflections on #unboundeq and Mozilla Open Leaders

It suddenly struck me today that one of the things that’s making me restless lately is not so much the million things I&

vi. [REST] but not really

Hello hello hello! We’re on a lil break, but we’re not on a lil break. It’s break-ception. That was bad and

v. Bi, Butch, and Bar Dyke: aka, the most relatable and thrilling academic article i’ve ever read

Maybe I’m just not with the times or I’m too neck-deep in fan fiction to notice that there are some (many? god, I

Feedback Please on My Students’ Game Ideas #unboundeq

As with the past few semesters, my students are creating their own choose-your-own adventure narrative digital games. It reall

iv. grammar matters (?)

Call me crazy, but I love grammar. In every form. Each of the 5 ways Patrick Hartwell describes in his essay “Grammar, G