Equity Unbounded Week 2 Introductions Continued

“#equality but I still don’t know what ba” (CC BY 2.0) by  leighblackall  This week

i. the theory part of theory & practice, feat. Grad School

The one where she rants about grad school and academia and might get in trouble?? Who knows.

Response to Rhetoric and Composition, by Janice Lauer and Assimilation into Writing Masters

It is with great reluctance that I move forward into the digital age. Our Twitter scavenger hunt, digital syllabus and weekly

Trying out the Implicit Association Test #unboundeq

This week I am participating on some of the asynchronous activities of the course (Equity Unbound, read the kick off blog post

Considering Empathy (A Discussion with Students)

An impromptu discussion with my young students this week on the topic of empathy found a connection my head with the Equity Un

Looking ahead to Weeks 3+4: Exploring Empathy and Bias

As described in our kick-off blog post, Equity Unbound is an equity-focused open, connected intercultural experience initiated

Summary of our first two weeks

Thanks to all who connected, participated, and contributed during our first two weeks — together we are creating Equity

Digital Narratives to Promote Empathy

While we believe that empathy takes time to build, we have found some online choose-your-own-adventure stories that aim to beg

What is Rhetoric and Composition…Exactly?

“From the mid-1960’s, members of the emerging field of rhetoric and composition began to challenge the teaching of

Reflection on using @Mozilla Internet Health Report in Class

I wrote earlier about my plan to use Mozilla Internet Health Report in class (my digital literacies class I am using with #unb