In the Media

When people ask us about Equity Unbound, sometimes they want to know more about our origin story, how we developed, how we branched into the different things we do, so this page curates some of what we’ve published about ourselves, and also includes podcast interviews and video recordings of us discussing Equity Unbound.


Zamora, M., Bali, M., Mehran, P. , & Cronin, C. (2021). Equity Unbound as Critical Intercultural Praxis. The Journal of Applied Instructional Design, 10(4).

Podcast Episodes

Bali, M., Cronin, C. & Zamora, M. (2021). Equity Unbound. Check the O.L. with Terry Greene and Anne-Marie Scott.

Zamora, M., Bali, M., & Caines, A. (2020). Building Community Online through Intentionally Equitable Hospitality. Write Now with Elyse Eidman-Aadahl.

Bali, M., Caines, A., & Zamora, M. (2020). Community-Building Activities. Teaching in Higher Ed Podcast (with Bonni Stachowiak).

Keynotes and Talks

Bali, M., Zamora, M., & Caines, A. (2020, November). Building Hospitable Learning Communities Online. Liquid Margins.

Bali, M. & Zamora, M. (2020, November 10. Equitable Emergence: Telling the Story of “Equity Unbound” in the open. [Plenary Keynote]. Open Education Conference #OpenEd20. Slides video

Bali, M., Caines, A., Zamora, M. (2020, October 2020). How to Build Communities of Support for Teachers. EDEN #onlinetogether. (recording)


Bali, M., Caines, A., & Zamora, M. (2021). Community Building Online (Learning Path). OneHE.

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