Equity Unbound Workshop: How well does #ChatGPT (or any AI tool) do on our writing assignments? How do we adapt? #openai

Are you wondering how well AI tools like ChatGPT can generate text in response to the writing assignments you give? Could or s

Welcoming Beyond Facilitation (Less Visible Elements of Intentionally Equitable Hospitality)

I was in conversation with Mia Zamora and Rissa Sorensen-Unruh yesterday reflecting on MYFest and Intentionally Equitable Hosp

Virtual Vulnerability #MYFest22

Today, I participated in a #MYFest22 session led by Tony Carr and Irene Maweu of emerge Africa. It was an emergent session, no

#MYFest22 Challenging Conference Exclusions

I came across a post by Ann Gagne entitled “Pedagogy of Complicity” where she critiques f2f conferences especially and say

Transformative Learning and Its Influence on #MYFest22 Design

In 2018, Autumm Caines and I wrote an article about promoting ownership, agency and equity in educational development work. In

Co-organizing the Learning Journey of Our Dreams #MYFest22

This post is about how I got together with a group of people (Mia, Rissa, Rebecca, Sukaina, Heather, Felicia, George, Anne-Mar

Invitation to Give Feedback on the Equity Unbound @UnboundEq @OneHEGlobal community-building resources

So I’ve just launched a survey where I invite people to give feedback on the community-building resources I’ve co-created

From Twitter Thread to Model to Keynote #OpenEd20 & #MandL20

The recent equity/care model Mia Zamora and I came up with for our #OpenEd20 keynote, which builds on a Twitter thread I start

Want to Imagine a Socially Just Academia? @socialjustacad

I’m so proud and excited to announce the launch of our project Imagining a Socially Just Academia (@socialjustacad) which is

Digital Affect (Emotional Presence?) and Continuity with Care during COVID-19

I don’t have a lot of time to write this post. Like many who read this blog, I’m involved in trying to prepare our