Even More Maps of the Internet (student view)

I continue to be intrigued by how my sixth grade students “Map the Internet” by artistically representing themsel

Picture Book Review: The Nantucket Sea Monster (A Fake News Story)

I am at in the middle in our Digital Life unit with my sixth graders, and the one component that I am adding to and beefing up

vi. [REST] but not really

Hello hello hello! We’re on a lil break, but we’re not on a lil break. It’s break-ception. That was bad and

Locating Yourself: The Internet Mapping Project

This is the second year I have tapped into Kevin Kelly’s The Internet Mapping Project to have my sixth grade students me

Comics … On Kids, Technology, Algorithms, and Openness

I’ve continued to make comics as a sort of reflective response to some of the discussions going on in the Equity Unbound

Google’s Reach into Classrooms (via NYT)

It’s a strange bit of circumstance but the shift in discussions for Equity Unbound this week — in the form of a sl

v. Bi, Butch, and Bar Dyke: aka, the most relatable and thrilling academic article i’ve ever read

Maybe I’m just not with the times or I’m too neck-deep in fan fiction to notice that there are some (many? god, I

Avatars (and Identities) on the Classroom Windows

We’ve moved into a curriculum unit called Digital Life, in which we examine technology and digital media, and privacy an

We’re In This Room Together

At our recent Western Massachusetts Writing Project conference, the keynote speaker was educator Kelly Norris, whose new book

iv. grammar matters (?)

Call me crazy, but I love grammar. In every form. Each of the 5 ways Patrick Hartwell describes in his essay “Grammar, G