Add yourself to the #UnboundEq map

Zoom in, out, and around the map below to see the locations of #UnboundEq participants… and then add yourself.

Before you add your pin to the map, think about the location you wish to share — would you like to share your work/study location, your home, your birthplace? There are privacy implications in all of these. Achieving a personal, comfortable balance between privacy and openness is an important aspect of open practice — and one that will be explored throughout the #unboundeq curriculum. 

  • Click the “4 corners” icon in the upper-right of the map to view a larger map (a new tab/window will open).
  • Find your location on the map.
  • Click Edit and then use the small pin icon to add your pin to the map..
  • Click the pin icon to add information about your self, if you wish.


Image credit: CC0 Capturing the human heart on Unsplash

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