Algorithms of Oppression: Twitter Slow Chat led by @bonstewart Oct 28-31

Join us Oct 28-31 for a four day Twitter #slowchat talking Safiya Noble’s Algorithms of Oppression, on the #unboundeq hashtag.

This slow chat is led by Bonnie Stewart in Canada and several classes all over the world will participate. Educators and students alike are welcome to join in at any point.

We would like to request that participants engage with each other, but refrain from tagging Safiya Noble so as not to overload her timeline.

Possible texts/videos to use with students if you don’t plan to read the book (Bonnie’s students aren’t!) include:

  1. Short video (3 mins): Algorithms of Oppression
  2. Video (~17 mins): TED Talk: How Biased Are Our Algorithms?
  3. Video (~12 mins): Challenging the Algorithms of Oppression
  4. Longer video with Q&A (~1.30mins). President’s Speaker series at California State University, Monterey.
  5. Article by Noble and Sarah T. Roberts Engine Failure: On the Problems of Platfrom Capitalism
  6. Podcast (~1 hour). Weekly Economics Podcast: Algorithms of Oppression (May 2019)

If you have a favorite resource on this topic, please share it in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Algorithms of Oppression: Twitter Slow Chat led by @bonstewart Oct 28-31

  1. I have created a Vialogue video discussion link here:

    If you have never used Vialogues you are in for a treat. It makes textual annotation of videos dead easy. All you have to do is sign up. It’s free. Vialogues is a wholly owned tool of Columbia University’s ed school. I have used it without problem or complaint for over five years. I look forward to the dialog here. If someone would inform Professor Noble of this feedback resource, I would be grateful. It doesn’t mean she has to participate, It just lets her know it exists. I will put a comment on YouTube as well.

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