Black Mirror Madlibs: Interrogating Technology through Dystopian Storytelling

Join us Thursday May 20th at 4.30pm Cairo time (2.30pm UTC, 10.30am EDT) for a workshop led by Autumm Caines and her colleagues, Marie Ponzillo Heath, Bret Staudt Willet and Dan Krutka: Black Mirror Madlibs: Interrogating Technology through Dystopian Storytelling. The workshop should last 1.5 hours, will run on Zoom, and is open to the public.

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More about the workshop

Every day there’s a news story about the overreach of technology harming society or individuals. In each case, the technology was originally envisioned, marketed, and sold as something beneficial and desirable. However, the lack of imagination around unintended harms that technologies bring is proving, over and over again, to have real repercussions. In this session we use dystopian storytelling to speculate potential harms of technology and open a gateway to better imaginaries.

Featured image: by workshop facilitators

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