Equity (overview)

Weeks 5-6 (Oct 8 – Oct 21).

The internet and pervasive use of online information has changed the global learning landscape. The rapid acceleration and adoption of digital content for learning is a pressing catalyst for digital equity.
So what does it mean to be a “good” digital citizen in a globalized context? How can we recognize and redress conditions that deny some students access to the educational opportunities enjoyed by their peers. How can we work together to create and sustain equitable and just learning environments for all?

Featured activities:

Read & annotate: Chris Gilliard on Digital redlining, access, and privacy (hypothes.is). If you prefer audio, here is a podcast interview with Chris on Teaching in Higher Ed.

Read and reflect: Hoda Katebi on American flag hijab image

Read and reflect: Paul Gorski on Imagining equity literacy

Studio visit:

Online studio visit and discussion on Wednesday, October 17th at 8pm UCT

Sherri Spelic – @edifiedlistener, https://edifiedlistener.blog

sava saheli singh – @savasavasava, http://www.sscqueens.org/people/sava-saheli-singh

Bonnie Stewart – @bonstewart, http://bonstewart.com/

Optional resources & activities:

Video: What kind of Asian are you?

Video: Class Divided

Video: Kim Crenshaw – Intersectionality (TED Talk)

Video: Sherri Spelic provocation – How to make a learning experience not inclusive

Report: Digital Inclusion: Internet Health Report 2018

Contribute to a crowdsourced knowledge bank (developed by @anna_phd): Equity Unbound is embracing the affordances of current online tools to collaboratively build a knowledge bank of eLearning concepts! Join us & add your knowledge about equitable learning hereeLearning eNcyclopedia

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