Studio visit #5: Algorithms

We are excited to announce the Equity Unbound fifth Studio Visit focusing this time on the theme of Algorithms.

Our Studio Visit is scheduled for Tuesday November 20th at 8pm UTC.
You can watch the session live here:

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We are honored and delighted to have three educators who write and speak and act on algorithms on a regular basis! Mona Elswah (@monaelswah) and Benjamin Doxtdator (@doxtdatorb). Their bios are below.

Mona Elswah

MonMona Elswaha is currently a Doctoral student at the Oxford Internet Institute, at the University of Oxford. In addition, she is a researcher at the Computational Propaganda Project where she studies social media manipulation in the Arab World. She focuses her studies on disinformation and algorithmic manipulation in Arab countries. Before moving to Oxford, Mona was awarded a Ford Foundation fellowship to study a dual degree program at the American University in Cairo. She received a Master’s degree in journalism and mass communication and a Graduate Diploma in public policy.  Moreover, she holds the position of an Assistant Lecturer at the Faculty of Mass Communication, Cairo Univesity.

Benjamin DoxtdatorBenjamin Doxtdator

Benjamin Doxtdator is a First Nations teacher from Canada who now lives in Belgium and teaches Middle School English Language Arts at The International School of Brussels. In university, he studied philosophy at McMaster University and he has also taught in Toronto and the public school system in Abu Dhabi. He writes a blog at  about the intersection of politics and pedagogy

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