Summary of our first two weeks

Thanks to all who connected, participated, and contributed during our first two weeks — together we are creating Equity Unbound.

Many thanks to to all who have engaged in Equity Unbound during our first two weeks! We are delighted to have over 370 subscribers to the blog, 320 followers on Twitter (@UnboundEq), and many contributors to the #unboundeq hashtag on Twitter. We’re particularly grateful to all who joined in the introductory activities in our first two weeks — View from my Window, AltCV, and Twitter Scavenger Hunts. We also have a growing number of pins on our #UnboundEq Map (please do add yourself, if you wish!).

Many connections were made in our first two weeks, and a multitude of discussions. One particular discussion related to accessibility on Twitter, specifically, making the images that we share on Twitter accessible to visually-impaired Twitter users who use screen readers. Currently, this is not a default setting within Twitter, and many people feel that it should be so. A few educators engaging with #unboundeq suggested that this new network, focused as we are on equity, could advocate for this change via a crowdsourced letter to Twitter. Thanks to Greg McVerry (@jgmac1106), Kevin Hodgson (@dogtrax), and Sarah Honeychurch (@NomadWarMachine), a letter was drafted and is still being edited — check out the letter here: Make accessibility a default in Twitter. You can also read the story of how it all developed here: Advocating for accessibility — from idea to crowdsourced letter.

Thanks also to William Ian O’Byrne (@wiobyrne) for capturing social media analytics for the first two weeks of #unboundeq on Twitter:


Please stay tuned for our next post about upcoming activities for Weeks 3 and 4…


stack of 5 smooth, flat, gray stones

CC BY-SA catherinecronin (Flickr)

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