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Equity Unbound facilitates open and connected learning — and we would like to include the voices of as many participants as possible on the All Unbound voices page of the website. If you are participating in #unboundeq, at any level, we invite you to share your voice here. If you know how to do this kind of thing, just fill in this form, if you’re new to this, read on.

If you are blogging about #unboundeq topics or ideas, and would like to share those posts here, please read on:

The blog platform you use needs to publish an RSS Feed and have the ability to mark posts with tags. The blog platforms we recommend are WordPress (self hosted or at, Blogger, or Tumblr. Two critical web addresses are needed to connect your blog to this Equity Unbound website: the blog address where your writing can be seen by the world, and the “RSS” Feed address for the same information.

You’ll simply need to decide how to designate the blog posts you want to flow to the Equity Unbound website. You can do this either by creating a category or a tag that you’ll use on all #unboundeq related posts. We suggest using a category unboundeq or a tag/label of unboundeq (but any term you desire will work).

Step 1. Get two URL addresses (for blog address & RSS feed)


WordPress (self hosted or

  1. Make sure you’ve published at least one post with the category or tag you’re going to use for Equity Unbound
  2. Look closely at the post. There’s a good chance the tag or category is going to show up somewhere on the page. It may be under the title, at the bottom of the post, or in the sidebar. That tag or category should show up somewhere. Find it. Click on it.
  3. Now look at the URL on that page. Look up in the browser bar.
  4. Use the following patterns to help figure out your individual feed. Please notice the pieces in italics below are specific to your site.
  5. Decide now if you will use a category or a tag. Categories are easy because it is just a checkbox when you write posts. The RSS Feed is made by adding /feed on the end of the URLs for the category/tag views.
    • Using your entire site for Equity unbound, just give us your blog address: and we’ll do the rest
    • Using a Category:
      1. Your blog address will look like:
      2. The RSS Feed is:
    • Using a Tag
      1. Your blog address will look like
      2. The RSS Feed is:


Blogger sites use labels to organize posts. If you are using a label “unboundeq” on a Blogger site, your URL for your posts will look like: The corresponding RSS Feed looks like like


Tumblr blogs use tags to organize posts. If you use a “unboundeq” tag in your Tumblr site to indicate which posts are related to this course, the link to your posts will look like Just add on a /rss to make it into the corresponding RSS feed for those tagged posts, like this:

Once you have these two URLs, you are ready to connect your blog so we syndicate only the posts you have marked with a category, tag, or label. Fill in this form to add your blog.

Note: many thanks to Alan Levine’s work on the process for this during #ccourses and #netnarr, which has helped us put this together.

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