Equity Unbound kicks off this week! Join us #unboundeq

Hello and welcome to Equity Unbound, an equity-focused open, connected intercultural experience initiated and facilitated by Catherine Cronin (@catherinecronin) Mia Zamora (@miazamoraphd) and Maha Bali (@bali_maha) from September to December 2018. If you are a student or educator you are welcome to join the entire experience, dip in and out, or suggest an activity or resource of your own (just post a comment underneath the activity and it will appear as soon as we moderate the comment). We are already seeing a huge amount of interest on Twitter from all over the world across countries and continents, and we are excited by the power such community can bring to this learning experience.

Our website http://unboundeq.creativitycourse.org) has a drop down menu giving you an idea of all the themes we plan to cover over the next few weeks and which dates we plan to focus on them. While we have thought about these quite a lot, they remain emergent and we may add to them or make slight modifications – and we are open to participant suggestions for additions. You are also welcome to make use activities at different times that better suit you or to use our resources at any time (CC-BY-SA).

First week (starts September 9)

The overview of our first theme, Introductions and Identity is here. For the first week (Sept 9-15) we encourage you to do one of the introduction activities. The #ALTCV may be the most detailed way to introduce yourself, but feel free to try an Unintroduction (inspired by clmooc) or a quick “View from my window” and/or pin yourself to the Unboundeq map (if this does not pose risks for you).

Second week (starts September 16)

For the second week, our featured activity is the Twitter Scavenger Hunt, described here. There are three options for participating that will hopefully match a variety of timezones.

Maha’s class in Egypt will start at 10am Cairo time September 17th (see when this is in your timezone via the timezone widget below)

Time converter at worldtimebuddy.com

Mia’s class in New Jersey, USA will start at 5pm EDT September 17th (see when this is in your timezone via the timezone widget below)

Time converter at worldtimebuddy.com

Catherine’s class in Ireland will start at 11.30am Ireland time September 20th (see when this is in your timezone via the timezone widget below)

Time converter at worldtimebuddy.com

Please also see the overview for optional readings and videos.

Other ways to stay connected

We encourage you to post whatever you create to the #unboundeq hashtag and to find someone else who has been posting and say hello (especially if no one has been responding to them). If you are not on Twitter and do not plan to use it, you can still see tweets on the right-hand menu of our website.
If you plan to blog and would like your blog posts to show up with those of others in the “All Unbound voices” page, please write at least one blogpost for #unboundeq and fill in this form (if you are new to this, please check out the instructions for syndication here).  We encourage you to browse through other people’s posts and respond to those that interest you (particularly those that have no comments).

If you like receiving email updates, please use one of the email subscription options (bottom of all pages on mobile and computer) or right hand column (computer only).

Let us know if you have any questions or comments, directly by commenting on the site, tweeting to @unboundeq (or any of the facilitators) or emailing unboundeq@gmail.com

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