Studio Visit #1: Empathy & Bias

Friday, Oct 5th at 1pm Universal Time (UTC) Time converter at Time converter at Watch be

Contribute to Empathy & Bias theme

We invite all educators and participants to contribute resources and activity ideas to Equity Unbound, for others to benefit,

Looking ahead to Weeks 3+4: Exploring Empathy & Bias

As described in our kick-off blog post, Equity Unbound is an equity-focused open, connected intercultural experience initiated

Summary of our first two weeks

Thanks to all who connected, participated, and contributed during our first two weeks — together we are creating Equity

Digital Narratives to Promote Empathy

While we believe that empathy takes time to build, we have found some online choose-your-own-adventure stories that aim to beg

Equity Unbound kicks off this week! Join us #unboundeq

Hello and welcome to Equity Unbound, an equity-focused open, connected intercultural experience initiated and facilitated by C

Syndicating Blogposts

Equity Unbound facilitates open and connected learning — and we would like to include the voices of as many participants

Twitter Scavenger Hunt

This activity is a great way to jumpstart community and networked learning using Twitter. Anyone interested in #unboundeq is w

#AltCV – create your alternative CV

(This idea was originally published on Digital Writing Month, co-authors Maha Bali, Sarah Honeychurch and Kevin Hodgson. This

Add yourself to the #UnboundEq map

Zoom in, out, and around the map below to see the locations of #UnboundEq participants… and then add yourself. Before yo